Saudi Arabia Transport General Authority announces mandatory uniforms for bus drivers

The Transport General Authority of Saudi Arabia has released guidelines for bus drivers in the country. Commencing on April 27, 2024, bus drivers engaged in specific activities, including specialized transport, bus rental, educational transport, and international transport, are required to wear uniforms.

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This initiative aims to enhance the quality of transport services and improve the overall appearance of vital services in Saudi Arabia.

The Transport General Authority of Saudi Arabia now forbids bus drivers from operating without donning a specific uniform. The uniform requirement will be in effect for a variety of bus-related operations as of April 27, 2024. These include foreign travel, educational transport, the rental and guidance of buses, and specialized transport. With this change, the Authority hopes to strengthen its growth initiatives and improve transportation service quality.

According to the announcement, male drivers can wear the national dress, while female drivers can opt for the abaya. Alternatively, drivers can adhere to a uniform comprising a sleeved blue shirt with long black trousers. Facilities are also permitted to develop their own uniforms with prior approval from the transport authority.

Enforcing a standardized driver costume is expected to contribute to the overall appearance and positive impression of these crucial services, establishing a direct connection with all segments of society in Saudi Arabia. The initiative is part of the Authority's ongoing efforts to update and improve bus transport and passenger services, encompassing technical specifications of buses, operating life requirements, electronic payment options, and other regulatory aspects focused on development and enhancement.

The Transport General Authority reiterated its commitment to serving beneficiaries and aligning with their expectations, striving to achieve the highest standards of quality and satisfaction in transport services throughout the Kingdom. The introduction of a uniform is one of several stages in the continuous improvement and periodic updates planned for the bus transport sector in Saudi Arabia.

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