Kuwaiti government introduces a major change to expat visas

All of the country's residence affairs bureaus will once again be able to process family visa requests from expats, according to new guidelines issued Thursday by the Ministry of the Interior.

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Kuwait has officially announced the revival of expatriate family visas, effective January 28. The Ministry of Interior declared the resumption of processing expat requests for family visas at all residency affairs departments throughout the country, subject to new terms and standards.

The reinstatement of family visas for expatriates in Kuwait comes approximately two years after their suspension, a move aimed at regulating the population and demographic numbers in the country. The decision to resume the issuance of family visas is in accordance with the directives of Deputy Prime Minister, Defense Minister, and Acting Interior Minister Sheikh Fahad Yusuf Saud Al-Sabah, as communicated by the Ministry's department of security relations and media in a statement.

Expatriates residing in Kuwait will now be able to apply to sponsor their wives and children, subject to certain conditions, including specific salary thresholds and employment regulations. The resumption of family visa processing is based on ministerial decree No. 56 of 2024, which outlines new rules for issuing entry permits for family reunions.

The key requirements for expatriates applying for family visas in Kuwait include having a minimum salary of at least KD800 ($2,600), holding a university degree certificate, and being employed in the same field as their academic specialization, as indicated on their university certificate.

The Ministry of Interior shared this information through an official tweet, emphasizing adherence to the new guidelines and conditions for family visa applications. The announcement signifies a significant development for expatriates in Kuwait, enabling them to reunite with their families under the updated regulations.

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