Saudi Arabia to launch automated surveillance for truck and bus violations

The Transport General Authority (TGA) has declared the initiation of automated surveillance for tracking traffic violations committed by trucks and buses across various regions in the Kingdom, starting on April 21.

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This comprehensive initiative encompasses cargo transportation, truck rental, international transport buses, and bus rental, with the primary objective of bolstering traffic safety and ensuring the adherence of trucks and buses to the regulations and technical requirements set by the authority.

Enhancing the calibre and effectiveness of services, guaranteeing their consistency, and reducing carbon emissions are the goals of this action. The National Strategy for Transport and Logistics Services' objectives are met by these initiatives, which support the expansion and sustainability of the Kingdom's logistics and public transport industries.

Starting on April 21, the automated monitoring system will focus on infractions such as operating a vehicle without a valid operating card, operating a vehicle with an expired card, and operating a vehicle that has reached the end of its operational life.

The TGA emphasises that the implementation of the automatic monitoring system is part of its commitment to organising and preparing transportation activities. This initiative is also in line with the broader digital transformation project, reflecting one of the strategic objectives of the authority. Automated surveillance stands as a crucial project within the regulatory framework, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to evolve the transportation system and align with the Kingdom's Vision 2030, aiming to enhance the quality of life in cities throughout the country.

By embracing automated surveillance and incorporating advanced traffic safety measures, the TGA seeks to foster a safer and more efficient transportation environment while actively contributing to the Kingdom's overarching vision for a technologically advanced and sustainable future.

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