Saudi Arabia: Royal Commission CEO Arrested for Power Abuse and Money Laundering Charges

An official source at the Oversight and Anti-Corruption Authority (Nazaha) has confirmed that Eng. Amr Al-Madani, CEO of the Royal Commission for AlUla, is facing arrest on allegations of authority misuse and money laundering involving SR206 million.

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Al-Madani's business partners in a company were also detained. The charges relate to Al-Madani's involvement in abuse of power and money laundering through obtaining contracts for the National Talents Company from King Abdullah City for atomic and renewable energy in an illegal manner.

Allegedly, Al-Madani committed this crime through a relative before joining the government sector. The total amount involved in the malpractice is SR20,663,905. After joining the government, Al-Madani officially exited the company but retained ownership.

He recommended the deal to the Royal Commission's responsible departments, enabling the company to obtain projects worth SR12,980,923. This was allegedly aimed at securing personal benefits from companies contracting with the commission and receiving profits from those projects through a relative.

The relative, Muhammad Bin Sulaiman Al-Harbi, a Saudi citizen, was also arrested. Al-Harbi admitted to receiving money from the company and its owners and transferring it to Al-Madani.

The partners of the company, Saudi citizens Saeed Bin Atef Ahmed Saeed and Jamal Bin Khalid Abdullah Al-Dabal, were arrested for their alleged clandestine understanding and agreement with the CEO on the misuse of power and money laundering charges.

Legal procedures against the suspects are underway, and they will be referred to a court of law, Nazaha stated. The authority emphasized its commitment to pursuing anyone encroaching on public funds, exploiting authority for personal gain, or harming the public interest. The source added that Nazaha continues to apply the law against transgressors without leniency.

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