Saudi Arabia seizes 17,970 in Residency and Labor Operations last week

During the week spanning November 23 to 29, Saudi Arabia witnessed more than 17,970 apprehensions, as declared by the Ministry of Interior in a social media statement. This significant undertaking reflects a resolute initiative to curtail infringements related to labor, residency, and security.

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Collaborative Security Measures Yield thousands of arrests

The arrests were orchestrated by various security agencies across the Kingdom, showcasing a collaborative effort to uphold the country's regulations.

Breakdown of Arrests: Residency, Border Security, and Labor Law Offenses

The extensive crackdown encompassed a range of offenses, with a detailed breakdown revealing:

  • 10,881 Residency Violations: Individuals found in violation of residency regulations faced legal consequences.

  • 4,159 Border Security Rule Violations: Strict measures were taken against those breaching border security rules.

  • 2,936 Labor Law Violations: Violations related to labor laws were a focal point in the arrests.

Stringent Consequences for Border Crossings

Apart from the previously mentioned detentions, seven hundred people were caught trying to enter Saudi Arabia through unofficial borders. For helping someone enter the country illegally, the Kingdom has imposed harsh penalties that carry a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison and a hefty fine of SR1 million ($267,000).

Ongoing Procedures and Consequences for Violations

There are currently 51,267 cases involving violations of labor laws, border security, and residency that Saudi Arabia is actively addressing. This figure is broken down as follows:

  • 45,054 Referred to Embassies: Individuals were directed to their respective embassies for the acquisition of necessary travel documents.

  • 2,070 Referred for Reservation Completion: Procedures are underway for the completion of necessary reservations.

  • 9,343 Deported: Those found in violation faced deportation as a consequence.

Moreover, Saudi Arabia's comprehensive crackdown underscores its commitment to maintaining the integrity of its residency, labor, and security regulations. The collaborative efforts of various security agencies showcase the seriousness with which the Kingdom addresses such breaches, aiming for a stringent and well-enforced legal framework.

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