Saudi Arabia Railways Expands Fleet, Doubles Capacity and Introduces direct Riyadh to Dammam service

Saudi Arabia Railways (SAR) has entered into an agreement with Swiss manufacturer Stadler for the procurement and maintenance of ten advanced passenger trains for SAR’s East railway network, with an option to acquire an additional ten units in the future.

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Under the contract inked by SAR CEO Bashar Al Malik and Stadler President Peter Spuhler, these trains will adhere to the latest European and international standards, tailored specifically for the climatic conditions of Saudi Arabia, to ensure a comfortable and secure travel experience.

Each train will have a capacity to accommodate approximately 340 passengers, featuring dedicated wheelchair tracks to cater to individuals with mobility impairments. The Minister of Transport and Chairman of the Board of Directors of SAR, Saleh Al Jasser, graced the signing ceremony.

He emphasized that these trains will effectively double the annual capacity of the East Trains, facilitating over 3.8 million passenger journeys annually and offering direct express service between Riyadh and Dammam to address the escalating demand for travel between the two principal cities in the Kingdom.

Al Malik affirmed SAR’s dedication to fostering a comprehensive renaissance in the realm of rail transportation within the Kingdom. He highlighted that these contemporary trains will serve the entire operational domain of the East Railway network by augmenting seating capacity, increasing the frequency of daily trips, and enhancing the annual capacity of the network.

Moreover, these trains are set to serve key stations, including Riyadh, Hofuf, Abqaiq, and Dammam, strategically covering vital destinations across the region. The initiative underscores SAR’s commitment to modernizing and expanding its railway infrastructure to meet the evolving needs of passengers and contribute to the overall development of the transportation sector in Saudi Arabia.

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