Saudi Private Sector sets Record 11 Million Jobs in January

According to the National Labour Observatory (NLO), Saudi Arabia's private sector reached a significant milestone in January 2024 by surpassing 11 million workers.

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The NLO recently released a comprehensive report detailing the status of the Saudi private sector job market for the month of January. This report offers extensive insights into various aspects of employment, encompassing both Saudi citizens and resident workers.

The publication outlines the total workforce within the private sector by the end of January, encompassing male and female citizens as well as resident workers. Notably, the report delves into the net job growth among citizens and the influx of new employees entering the private sector during the month.

During January, the private sector recorded a historic achievement, with the total number of employees surpassing 11,054,576. This notable feat can be attributed to several contributing factors, including initiatives from human resources and social development entities, the proliferation of job opportunities within the private sector, ongoing economic reforms, and steadfast government support.

In terms of citizen employment, the report reveals that a substantial portion of the workforce comprises Saudi nationals. Out of the total workforce, 2,327,858 Saudi citizens were employed in the private sector, with 1,375,478 being male citizens and 952,380 being female citizens. Concurrently, a significant number of resident workers, totaling 8,726,718, were engaged in various roles within the private sector, with 8,386,925 men and 339,793 women contributing to the workforce.

Furthermore, the report highlights that in January, 32,447 citizens embarked on their professional journey in the private sector for the first time. This influx of new entrants signifies a continuous expansion of employment opportunities and reflects positively on the efforts aimed at fostering workforce development and economic growth within Saudi Arabia's private sector.

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