Saudi Arabia Detains 21,100 in Residency, Labor Operations Crackdown

Saudi Arabia detained over 21,100 individuals within the past week in a concerted effort to curb infringements related to residency, labor, and security, as disclosed by the Ministry of Interior through a social media announcement.

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The arrests, amounting to 21,151, were executed by various security agencies across the Kingdom during the specified period. The detained individuals were apprehended for a range of violations, including residency, border security regulations, and labor laws. Specifically, the breakdown of arrests includes 13,799 cases of residency violations, 4,678 border security infractions, and 2,584 breaches of labor laws.

Additionally, the Ministry of Interior reported that 1,283 individuals were apprehended while attempting unauthorized entry into Saudi Arabia. Those found aiding illegal entry into the country face severe penalties, including up to 15 years of imprisonment and fines reaching up to SR1 million ($267,000). Currently, Saudi authorities are managing the cases of 58,365 individuals implicated in various residency, border security, and labor law violations. Among these cases, 53,066 individuals have been directed to their respective embassies to facilitate the acquisition of necessary travel documents, while 1,524 individuals are undergoing procedures to complete travel reservations. Furthermore, a total of 8,538 individuals have been deported from the Kingdom as part of the ongoing enforcement efforts to uphold legal compliance and security measures.

The stringent measures implemented by Saudi Arabia underscore the government's commitment to maintaining the integrity of its residency, labor, and border security regulations. By swiftly addressing violations and enforcing penalties, the Kingdom aims to safeguard its borders, protect its workforce, and uphold law and order within its territories. These efforts not only serve to deter unlawful activities but also demonstrate Saudi Arabia's unwavering resolve to ensure the safety and well-being of its residents and visitors alike.

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