Saudi Arabia launches an exclusive Dragon Ball theme park in this city

Qiddiya announces the opening of the world's first-ever Dragon Ball theme park, reiterating its goal of creating the greatest worldwide entertainment destination.

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Enticing families, fans of anime, and those looking for fun all at once, the park has over thirty rides and attractions spread among seven Dragon Balls-themed zones. This historic statement marks the beginning of a strategic collaboration between Qiddiya and Toei Animation, the well-known Japanese animation studio behind the production of Dragon Ball.

Scattered across more than 500,000 square metres, the cutting-edge anime-themed park is located in Qiddiya City, about forty minutes' drive from Riyadh. In the whole Dragon Ball franchise, its beloved plots, characters, and moments are painstakingly portrayed. Each zone is meticulously constructed to resemble the classic Dragon Balls, drawing guests into the vast Dragon Ball universe that spans from the original series through Dragon Ball Super.

A wide variety of more than 30 rides complement the interactive monuments like "Kame House," "Capsule Corporation," and "Beerus' Planet" that are just waiting to be explored. The rollercoaster that circles the enormous 70-metre Shenron statue is one of the attractions that stands out the most, providing an exciting ride through the Dragon Ball universe. Creating lasting memories with loved ones is ensured by themed lodgings and unique dining experiences housed among architectural marvels.

The collaboration between Qiddiya and Toei Animation aims to honour and elevate the Dragon Ball tradition, giving fans a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in their favourite anime. Abdullah Aldawood, Managing Director of Qiddiya Investment Company, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, citing the theme park's vivid celebration of anime and its thrilling, family-friendly entertainment options.

Katsuhiro Takagi, President of Toei Animation, underscored the significance of this venture, offering Dragon Ball enthusiasts in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia an unmatched engagement with the franchise. The launch of the Dragon Ball theme park marks a significant milestone in the franchise's enduring legacy and reinforces Qiddiya's standing as a global leader in innovative entertainment.

Beyond mere entertainment, the theme park aligns with the philosophy of play, recognised for its cognitive, emotional, social, creative, and physical benefits. Positioned as a pivotal destination, the Dragon Ball theme park further solidifies Qiddiya City's reputation as the capital of play and a hub for groundbreaking entertainment experiences.

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