Saudi Arabia announces a collaboration agreement with Russia in the music sector

In Taif, Saudi Arabia, the Nahawand Centre, recognised as the kingdom's inaugural international music academy, commenced operations.

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A collaboration agreement between the Nahawand Academy of Arts and the esteemed Gnesins Russian Academy of Music was formalised during the inaugural ceremony on Sunday night in Taif. The Gnesins Academy, headquartered in Moscow and boasting branches in key nations such as the US, UK, and France, enjoys global renown. With a founding date of 120 years ago, it stands among the pioneering music academies globally.

Dr. Abdullah Rashad, the general supervisor of the Nahawand Centre, emphasised the significance of the collaboration in enhancing the proficiency of individuals in Saudi Arabia's music sector. Aligned with Vision 2030 goals, the partnership aims to bolster the local economy and create jobs by supporting talented musicians and artists.

Ahmed Al-Shamrani, the executive director of Nahawand, outlined the comprehensive scope of the partnership, including the establishment of educational programmes, research initiatives, and the exchange of students and faculty. Additionally, joint academic endeavours, seminars, and cultural events between Saudi Arabia and Russia are envisaged.

The Gnesins Academy's Angie Zadan expressed excitement about the partnership and emphasised how it may improve musical standards and promote cross-cultural interaction between the two countries. The occasion included an art show as well as a performance of Taif's traditional Majrour dance by local artists. Visitors got the chance to tour the academy's many departments while taking in student performances and sampling a variety of musical selections.

The Nahawand Centre, which serves the emerging skills and goals of people in the arts and music industry, is well-known in Saudi Arabia's music scene and is recognised by both the Media Authority and the General Entertainment Authority.

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