Saudi Arabia unveils 'Saif Al-Salam 12' maneuvers in the northern area

Saudi Arabia has begun the "Saif Al-Salam 12" field manoeuvres in the country's north, a noteworthy demonstration of military preparedness.

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In an attempt to strengthen national defence capabilities, the Saudi military forces, the Ministries of Interior and National Guard, and the Presidency of State Security are working together in this cooperative effort.

The official spokesman for the exercises, Ali Al-Ali, gave details about the wide-ranging nature and goals of the military drills. A wide variety of actions are covered by the manoeuvres, including as air interdiction attempts, offensive air operations, defensive counter-air operations, and strategic attack manoeuvres. The purpose of these exercises is to improve the participating forces' skills and capacity to respond to a range of security threats.

Addressing potential threats, the exercises also focus on countering hostile air threats, employing both conventional and unconventional warfare tactics, and conducting cordon and disinfection operations. With a keen eye on maritime security, training scenarios extend to the Arabian Gulf and the Red Sea regions, emphasising preparedness against threats such as drones, booby-trapped boats, and naval mines.

Furthermore, the protection of critical infrastructure within operational zones is prioritised, along with the execution of search and rescue missions, underscoring the comprehensive nature of the manoeuvres.

Al-Ali stressed that improving the capabilities and readiness of the participating troops is the main goal of the "Saif Al-Salam 12" manoeuvres. By means of highly skilled and professional joint operations, together with the application of cutting-edge weapons, Saudi Arabia hopes to enhance its military preparedness to effectively protect its interests in national security.

The collaboration between various branches of the Saudi armed forces and security agencies underscores the importance placed on interagency cooperation and coordination in addressing evolving security challenges. By conducting such large-scale field manoeuvres, Saudi Arabia reaffirms its commitment to maintaining peace and stability in the region while ensuring the protection of its citizens and territorial integrity.

Moreover, the "Saif Al-Salam 12" field maneuvers represent a significant milestone in Saudi Arabia's ongoing efforts to enhance military preparedness and readiness in the face of evolving security threats.

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