Umrah Bookings Surge as UAE Pilgrims Visit Makkah, Madinah for Ramadan 2024

Umrah bookings originating from the United Arab Emirates to the sacred cities of Makkah and Madinah in Saudi Arabia have witnessed a notable surge during this Ramadan compared to previous years.

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Mohammed Mahfooz BinMahfouz, the co-founder and CEO of Umrahme, a UAE-based Umrah operator, attributes this increase to recent initiatives undertaken by Saudi Arabia to streamline visa procedures and enhance infrastructure, thereby simplifying and broadening access to pilgrimage for individuals in the region and beyond.

BinMahfouz emphasized the marked rise in religious tourism bookings during this Ramadan compared to the preceding year, citing the introduction of supplementary flights, particularly to Madinah and Jeddah, as a contributing factor that has enhanced connectivity and accessibility.

Furthermore, the expansion of accommodation options in the holy cities, catering to a diverse range of pilgrims, has played a significant role. Additionally, the provision of improved facilities for pilgrims has fostered a more positive booking experience.

For Umrahme, Ramadan holds special significance, serving as a period to facilitate spiritual journeys and cultivate customer relationships through attentive service. The company has observed a substantial uptick in bookings this Ramadan, facilitated by relaxed travel restrictions and innovative measures such as user-friendly booking platforms and robust customer support systems.

Anticipating continued heightened demand as Eid draws near, Umrahme foresees bookings surpassing last year's figures. Many pilgrims are opting for "Umrah Plus" packages, extending their stays to celebrate Eid in the sacred cities.

BinMahfouz advises prospective pilgrims to swiftly secure their arrangements through reputable platforms like Umrahme, particularly emphasizing the selection of hotels near the masjids for convenience and a seamless experience. Early booking not only ensures a wider array of options but also often results in more favorable pricing.

To simplify the booking process and ensure a smooth journey, BinMahfouz recommends leveraging comprehensive packages offered by trusted platforms, covering all travel necessities from flights and accommodations to transfers and visa assistance. Moreover, utilizing user-friendly apps for eVisa services can expedite the visa application process, saving time and effort.

While Ramadan marks the peak season, Bin Mahfouz highlights that the Umrah season remains open post-Eid as well, providing opportunities for pilgrimage beyond the holy month.

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