Saudi Arabia to Localize 40% of Consulting Jobs in the New Initiative

Saudi Arabia has unveiled its latest endeavor to enhance employment prospects for its citizens within the consulting sector.

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The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development has declared an upward revision of the Saudisation objective, aiming to localize 40 percent of consulting positions, marking an increase from the previous target of 35 percent, effective Monday.

This decision follows the launch of the initial phase in March of the preceding year, which sought to elevate the proportion of Saudi nationals engaged in various advisory roles encompassing financial, business, and cybersecurity, as well as project management and engineering specialties.

Aligned with Saudi Vision 2030, the kingdom's economic roadmap, the escalation in job localization seeks to furnish a wider array of employment opportunities for citizens across diverse industries nationwide, as articulated by the ministry. It pledges close collaboration with other public entities to ensure the smooth execution of the enhanced 40 percent localization target.

Private sector enterprises stand to benefit from a spectrum of incentives and support schemes provided by the ministry to streamline the recruitment and retention of local talent. These encompass initiatives spanning recruitment facilitation, training initiatives, and ongoing employment assistance.

Comprehensive guidelines elucidating the intricacies, implementation modalities, and available support programs pertaining to this decision have been disseminated by the ministry. Emphasizing the prioritization of nationalization across professions and economic sectors, prior initiatives have focused on roles in aviation, optics, inspection services, and postal facilities.

Saudi Arabia's ambition extends beyond the mere escalation of private sector employment rates for citizens; it underscores the imperative of substantial investment in their professional development. This strategic impetus is envisioned to empower Saudi nationals to make meaningful contributions to a thriving and diverse national economy, in consonance with the objectives set forth in Vision 2030.

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