Pakistan Flight Attendant Suspended Over Passport Fraud Case in Canada

Pakistan foreign Airlines (PIA) has reportedly terminated a flight attendant following her and two others' brief detention in Toronto, Canada, for possessing passports that were not given to her for foreign travel.

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Immigration authorities detained Hina Sani, along with two other crew members of the Lahore-Toronto flight (PK-789), upon their arrival in Canada.

The incident stemmed from the discovery of passports not issued for international travel in their possession. This development raised immediate concerns about the adherence to proper documentation procedures within Pakistan International Airlines (PIA).

Following their brief detention and subsequent release by Canadian immigration officials, PIA took swift action by suspending Sani from her duties pending further investigation. The airline's management acted decisively, recognizing the potential damage to its reputation, which had already been tarnished by previous scandals.

Abdullah Hafeez Khan, the spokesperson for PIA, assured the public of the airline's full cooperation with Canadian authorities. He emphasized that the airline would await the outcome of the inquiry before deciding on any additional measures. Meanwhile, he confirmed that the detained crew members would return to Pakistan after the completion of the investigation.

The incident drew unwelcome attention to Pakistan, especially in light of a similar occurrence involving another PIA crew member, Maryam Raza, just the month before. Raza's mysterious disappearance in Canada, as reported by ARY News, had already raised questions about the airline's operational integrity and security protocols.

These consecutive incidents underscore significant concerns regarding PIA's personnel management and adherence to international travel regulations. As authorities continue to investigate, stakeholders within and outside Pakistan's aviation sector are closely monitoring developments, recognizing the broader implications for the airline's reputation and the country's image on the global stage.

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