Saudi Arabia: Unqualified health practitioners arrested in Riyadh

A number of physicians were reportedly permitted to conduct one-day operations by unqualified medical practitioners who lacked a license to practice health professions, according to ministry sources.

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In response to many infractions, the Saudi Ministry of Health has moved decisively against unlicensed medical professionals practicing in Riyadh. The public prosecution has been notified, and these persons will face the consequences of their actions.

Furthermore, the ministry has shut down a one-day surgery department within a health clinic in Riyadh due to multiple infractions. The inspection revealed egregious violations, including the improper assignment of a nurse to work as a skin specialist and the operation of two one-day surgery rooms without the requisite licenses.

According to ministry sources, unlicensed individuals facilitated doctors in performing one-day operations, highlighting a concerning breach of regulations. Emphasizing the importance of adherence to health standards, the ministry urges the public to seek services exclusively from licensed practitioners and facilities. It advocates for the prominent display of licenses within health premises, affirming patients' rights.

Legal statutes underscore the imperative of practicing healthcare professions solely with a valid license. Prohibitions against examining patients in unauthorized locations and advertising health services directly or through intermediaries are strictly enforced under the Law of Practicing Healthcare Professions.

The Ministry of Health conducts routine inspections and monitors social media platforms to uphold patient safety, public health, and the integrity of the medical profession. These measures are essential for preserving the dignity of healthcare delivery and safeguarding against unscrupulous practices.

Moreover, the Ministry of Health's proactive interventions reflect its commitment to enforcing regulations, ensuring the quality and legality of healthcare services, and safeguarding the well-being of patients and the public.

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