Noqodi, based in Dubai, broadens its use of digital payments by partnering with Network

As part of the strategic partnership, Network will enhance the current payment methods for emaratech-owned noqodi.

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With the help of Network International, the fintech business noqodi has expanded its digital payment services to include more than only public and private sector services.

According to a press statement, the collaboration would enable the Dubai-based company to give micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) access to more digital payment options while advancing a shared objective of advancing the cashless economy in the UAE.

As part of the strategic partnership, Network will enable the existing payment channels for emaratech-owned noqodi, including e-commerce, point of sale (POS), and software point of sale (SoftPOS), to take card payments.

Support for additional unbanked segments, including as retail and trade, will also be added.

"Together with Network, and leveraging noqodi's unique value proposition, we are committed to supporting MSMEs and simplifying their business operations with accessible and cutting-edge digital payment solutions," stated Zahi Kallab, general manager of noqodi.

This cooperation strengthens our commitment to pushing digital payments in accordance with Dubai's goal of developing a totally cashless economy, Kallab continued.

For the government and a restricted group of private merchants, the fintech company is currently integrated with several banks and payment methods that are offered through a single payment platform. Along with complete automation of collections, reconciliation, settlement, and transaction-related services, this also includes cash through partner exchange houses, direct debit, online banking, and cash flow management.

As businesses of all sizes move towards cashless transactions, digital payments are becoming increasingly prevalent in the UAE, according to Network's Group Managing Director for Acquiring, Andrew Key. Due to this, there is an increasing demand for readily available, cutting-edge digital payment solutions that facilitate business operations.

As Key put it in his closing remarks, "Our partnership further reaffirms our commitment to boosting digital payments in the region in line with Dubai's bid to become a fully cashless economy."

In order to support food and beverage (F&B) merchants in the UAE, Network recently partnered with SerVme, a reservation and guest customer relationship management (CRM) platform for restaurants and hospitality operators.

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