Kuwait Court fines Restaurant Executive 5,000 dinar for delivery price violation

The Kuwaiti Misdemeanour Court sentenced the Chairman of the Board of Directors of a well-known restaurant firm to one month in prison and 5,000 dinars in fines.

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The company's violation of delivery prices resulted in a verdict that put delivery prices at 500 fils rather than the legally required 250 fils.

Consumer Complaint and Legal Action

A citizen filed a complaint with the Consumer Protection Department, alleging that the restaurant had disregarded the prescribed delivery prices of 250 fils within its designated area and half a dinar for locations outside that area. The fixed order invoice included the violation of the stipulated delivery fee. Subsequently, the Consumer Protection Department forwarded the complaint to the Commercial Affairs Prosecution, which pressed charges against the Chairman of the Board of Directors, leading to the court proceedings.

Violation of Delivery Fees

The court substantiated the claim that the restaurant had indeed violated the legally mandated delivery fees, as established by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Commerce. The conviction of the Chairman of the Board of Directors serves as a legal precedent, emphasising the importance of adherence to established regulations by companies and restaurants concerning delivery fees. The ruling underscores the obligation to uphold the rights of clients as guaranteed by law.

Legal Consequences and Client Rights

The verdict not only imposes legal consequences on the restaurant executive but also highlights the necessity of respecting delivery fees as outlined in Kuwaiti law and Ministry of Commerce decisions. This legal action reinforces the principles of fairness, ensuring that businesses uphold transparency and safeguard the rights of consumers in their interactions with various establishments.

Moreover, the Kuwaiti Misdemeanour Court's decision sends a clear message regarding the significance of complying with delivery price regulations. It reflects the company's commitment to maintaining a fair business environment and upholding the legal rights of consumers in Kuwait.

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