Saudi Arabia announces joining BRICS+ for significant economic influence

An important step on both an economic and geopolitical level is Saudi Arabia's recent admission to the newly extended BRICS+ alliance, which also includes Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, and the United Arab Emirates.

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Economic Significance:

Saudi Arabia's economy, the largest in the Gulf and the 19th largest globally, contributes significantly to the group's economic strength. This action is in line with the kingdom's Vision 2030 objectives for economic diversification and growth. Making the switch to accrual-based accounting is regarded as an essential first step in supplying precise and thorough financial data to assist in decision-making and performance assessment among government agencies.

Geopolitical Impact:

Saudi Arabia's decision to join BRICS+ is an example of geostrategic diversification, which will help it deal with any economic difficulties brought on by erratic US economic sanctions. The kingdom's diplomatic portfolio is strengthened by this membership, giving it more negotiating leverage in agreements made outside of the BRICS. The geopolitical ramifications are significant, as Saudi Arabia emerges as a prominent member of the bloc with distinct benefits that extend beyond its status as the world's largest oil producer. The capacity of the kingdom to incorporate BRICS+ into the Middle East is emphasised, utilising its dominant position in the area to create opportunities for BRICS+ initiatives.

Challenges and Opportunities:

While Saudi Arabia's membership in BRICS+ presents numerous opportunities, there are also challenges. The growing divergence between India and China, along with the economic crises faced by various BRICS members, poses potential obstacles. Geopolitically, there is a lack of unity among BRICS members on pivotal global issues. However, the growth of BRICS+ reflects momentum in challenging US dollar hegemony and reshaping the global economic order. Saudi Arabia's vast reserves, ambitious reforms, and strategic position signal its desire to carve an independent course on the global stage.

BRICS+: Shaping a New World Order:

With Saudi Arabia joining BRICS+, the group is taking a significant stride forward on the international scene. The growth challenges the status quo and establishes BRICS+ as a significant global force. The steady shift away from the dollar and the reorganisation of international trade agreements are contributing factors to the changing balance of power in the economy, notwithstanding certain challenges. Saudi Arabia's decision to join this bloc demonstrates its dedication to economic diversification, strategic autonomy, and active involvement in forming the new global order.

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