Kuwait announces total traffic violations and road deaths statistics in 2023

Unsettling data about traffic infractions and accidents that happened during the course of the previous year was recently provided by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior.

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Official figures show that in 2023, there were an astounding 296 road traffic accident-related fatalities registered in Kuwait. This stark statistic highlights how urgently improved traffic safety regulations and more public education efforts are needed.

At a press conference held in conjunction with the unified Gulf Traffic Week 2024, Ministry of Interior director Brigadier Nawaf Al Hayan disclosed these figures. He revealed that over that same time period, Kuwait issued more than nine million tickets for traffic violations, suggesting that drivers there seriously disregarded the law.

The frequency of speeding, which resulted in more than four million penalties for moving violations, is especially concerning. In addition to directly endangering traffic safety, going over the speed limit greatly raises the possibility of serious collisions and fatalities. Furthermore, more than 850,000 fines were given out for running red lights, demonstrating a flagrant disrespect for traffic signals and the dangers they pose.

The misuse of seat belts also emerged as a common violation, with over 300,000 tickets issued for failure to wear seat belts properly. Seat belts are a fundamental safety feature that can significantly reduce the risk of injury or death in the event of a collision. Similarly, the use of mobile phones while driving, a dangerous form of distracted driving, resulted in over 185,000 tickets being issued. This behavior poses serious risks to both drivers and pedestrians on the road.

In response to these concerning trends, the Kuwait Ministry of Interior is doubling down on its efforts to promote traffic awareness and reinforce the importance of safe driving practices. The upcoming unified Gulf Traffic Week 2024, themed "Driving Without a Phone," serves as a timely reminder of the dangers associated with distracted driving. Scheduled to take place from March 3 to 10, the event aims to raise awareness about the hazards of using mobile phones while driving and encourage motorists to prioritize safety behind the wheel.

By addressing common traffic violations and enhancing public awareness, authorities in Kuwait are striving to mitigate the risks associated with road accidents and improve overall road safety for motorists and pedestrians alike. These efforts are essential in fostering a culture of responsible driving and reducing the alarming rate of traffic-related fatalities in the country.

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