Kuwait Airways unveils the summer 2024 schedule for new travel destinations

Kuwait Airways is gearing up to cater to the increased demand for travel during the summer of 2024 by enhancing its flight offerings, expanding its list of destinations, and improving its services.

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The airline has officially unveiled its summer flight schedule, prioritizing popular destinations from June to September.

Abdulmohsen Al Fagaan, the Chairman of Kuwait Airways, announced plans to introduce additional flights to key destinations such as London, Amsterdam, Vienna, and Geneva. These supplementary flights aim to accommodate the anticipated surge in passenger traffic during the summer months.

The itinerary includes popular summer destinations such as Antalya, Bodrum, Trabzon, and Sharm Al-Sheikh. Two weekly flights to Antalya, three weekly flights to Bodrum and Trabzon, and two weekly flights to Sharm Al-Sheikh are all part of Kuwait Airways' schedule. In addition, there will be three weekly flights to Malaga and two weekly flights to Nice. Kuwait Airways is prepared to provide customers with a wide range of connection choices, with 54 scheduled summer excursions on top of its regular flights.

To enhance the travel experience, Kuwait Airways will introduce the Boeing 777-300ER aircraft for flights to various European destinations. This move is aimed at providing passengers with access to premium amenities and services, including royal and business-class accommodations.

Moreover, Kuwait Airways is preparing to meet the heightened demand for air travel during the summer of 2024 by expanding its flight frequencies, adding new destinations, and upgrading its fleet. With a focus on customer satisfaction and convenience, the airline is poised to offer travelers a seamless and enjoyable journey to their desired summer getaways.

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