Kuwait Airways celebrates its 70th anniversary with visionary innovations

Kuwait Airways marked a significant milestone on Tuesday as it celebrated its 70th anniversary with a series of noteworthy developments.

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Among the highlights of the occasion was the introduction of a fresh logo, signaling a renewed commitment to its vision and future objectives.

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Abdulmohsen Al Fagaan, emphasized the airline's dedication to modernizing its operations by leveraging the latest advancements in aviation technology. This forward-looking approach extends to collaborations with local food companies aimed at enhancing the quality of onboard dining experiences. Additionally, Kuwait Airways unveiled a novel luggage home delivery service tailored for the convenience of passengers arriving in Kuwait.

Kuwait Airways' reach in terms of flight operations has been progressively growing. The airline is set to expand its reach to 54 cities in the next summer season, from its current 50 daily flights to 46 destinations during the winter. The number of daily flights to London has been doubled, and four new weekly flights have been added to Munich and Vienna, among other notable developments. In addition, three weekly flights will be offered on new routes to Barcelona, Malaga, Bodrum, Sarajevo, and Salalah. Furthermore, there will be a weekly route to Taif in Saudi Arabia and two weekly flights connecting to Antalya and Nice.

Al Fagaan also disclosed plans for a weekly flight to Madrid, with the potential for increased frequency in response to demand. To further enhance the passenger experience, Kuwait Airways has introduced the "Blue Bird Channel" on all aircraft screens, offering a diverse range of programs and documentaries to cater to passengers' entertainment preferences. Abdulhameed Al Ali, Director of the company's Operation Department, announced two scholarship programs designed to nurture aspiring aviation professionals. These initiatives, overseen by the Ministry of Higher Education, aim to provide students with the necessary qualifications and training in the aviation field.

Established in 1953, Kuwait Airways commenced its inaugural flight on March 16, 1954, and has since remained wholly owned by the government. As it embarks on its 70th year, Kuwait Airways continues to uphold its legacy of service excellence while embracing innovation and expansion to meet the evolving needs of passengers and the aviation industry.

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