Jeddah Municipality starts implementing plans to address rain effects

Efficient Operations for Cleanup Field excursions have been initiated by the Jeddah Governorate Municipality in an effort to expedite waste removal and resolve the consequences of the recent rainfall that struck the governorate on Tuesday.

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Jeddah Governorate Municipality Swiftly Addresses the Aftermath of Rainfall

The municipality is actively engaged in opening main axes and roads in the city, spanning 16 municipalities and support centres.

A workforce of more than 3,333 individuals has been deployed to implement comprehensive cleanup plans, utilising 1,691 pieces of equipment and machinery strategically distributed across various sub-municipalities. The municipality is committed to efficiently addressing the consequences of the rain condition and ensuring the restoration of normalcy.

Rainfall Impact

Jeddah experienced varying degrees of rainfall, ranging from moderate to heavy, on Tuesday. In response, the municipality has mobilised resources to tackle the challenges posed by the weather conditions, aiming to minimise disruptions and enhance public safety.

Ongoing monitoring and collaboration

The municipality remains vigilant and is closely monitoring reports from the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM). Continuous collaboration with relevant authorities ensures a coordinated response to emerging situations, reinforcing the city's resilience in the face of adverse weather conditions.

Safety Precautions

In light of the aftermath of the rainfall, the municipality emphasises the importance of public safety. It urges caution around areas with accumulated rainwater and advises residents to steer clear of locations prone to electrical currents. By following official instructions and obtaining information from reliable sources, residents contribute to their safety and the overall effectiveness of the municipality's response efforts.

Community Cooperation

The municipality calls on the community to actively participate in ensuring a safe and smooth recovery process. Cooperation in adhering to safety guidelines and promptly reporting any concerns facilitates a coordinated and efficient response to challenges arising from adverse weather conditions.

As the cleanup operations continue, the Jeddah Governorate Municipality remains dedicated to preserving the well-being and safety of the community, reflecting its commitment to resilience and proactive urban management.

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