Saudi Minister Launches Inaugural Global Labour Market Conference

Saudi Arabia's Minister of Human Resources and Social Development, Ahmad bin Sulaiman Al-Rajhi, officially inaugurated the first-ever Global Labour Market Conference (GLMC) at the King Abdulaziz International Convention Center in Riyadh.

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The conference drew over 6,000 participants and guests from more than 40 countries.

Global Labour Market Conference Inaugurated in Riyadh

Ahmad bin Sulaiman Al-Rajhi, the Saudi Arabian Minister of Human Resources and Social Development, formally launched the inaugural Global Labour Market Conference (GLMC) in Riyadh's King Abdulaziz International Convention Centre. Over six thousand people from forty different nations attended the conference.

Minister Al-Rajhi's Opening Speech

During his opening speech, Minister Al-Rajhi highlighted Saudi Arabia's leading role in strengthening global labour markets. He emphasised the changing dynamics of the labour market, with a growing demand for future employment skills, the emergence of new professions, and the evolving nature of the global workforce.

Challenges in the Labour Market Dynamics

Minister Al-Rajhi shared statistics on ongoing labour market dynamics, including the expected creation of 133 million new jobs by artificial intelligence by 2030. He urged efforts to implement new technology, create exploitation-free work environments, and avoid sudden and widespread job losses.

Cooperation for Positive Change

The minister stressed the kingdom's intention to cooperate with international partners to strengthen resiliency, emphasising the need for a unified approach. He highlighted the significance of global cooperation to leverage labour market dynamics for positive global change.

Global Labour Market Conference Sessions

The opening ceremony paved the way for the two-day conference, featuring approximately 150 experts participating in over 40 unique keynote addresses, panel presentations, and breakout sessions. The sessions cover eight key tracks, addressing challenges and future changes in labour markets.

Ministerial Roundtable Discussion

A ministerial roundtable discussion preceded the conference, where Minister Al-Rajhi engaged with minister-level labour officials from over 24 countries. Participants discussed pressing opportunities and changes facing workforce dynamics and explored joint efforts to address challenges.

International Solidarity and Cooperation

Minister Al-Rajhi stressed the need for international solidarity, cooperation, and exchange in responding to rapid changes in workplace practices, emerging technologies, and geopolitical circumstances. The GLMC serves as an opportunity for knowledge exchange and dialogue to formulate policies for resilient work environments.

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