Azerbaijan and Brazil set to host the COP29 and COP30 climate summits

The official announcement of the host cities for the forthcoming climate summits, COP29 and COP30, came during a critical period of the COP28 in Dubai.

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Azerbaijan is set to host COP29 in 2024, while Brazil will take the stage for COP30 in 2030.

COP29 in Azerbaijan

Dr. Sultan bin Ahmed Al Jaber, COP28 President and Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology, extended congratulations to Azerbaijan for being selected as the host for COP29. Expressing anticipation for collaborative efforts, he emphasised the importance of maintaining momentum on climate action, staying on track to keep the global temperature increase within 1.5°C, and ensuring inclusivity.

The minister of ecology and natural resources for Azerbaijan, Mukhtar Babayev, stressed the need for teamwork in overcoming obstacles and acknowledged the difficulties that lie ahead. For their efforts in putting together COP28, he thanked the UAE and the Secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. In order to secure the chance to host COP29, Babayev emphasised the strong political will of the president of Azerbaijan and the critical role played by the member states of the Eastern European Group.

He reaffirmed Azerbaijan's dedication to strengthening ties between the UAE and Brazil, the COP30 host country. The goals include ensuring a smooth transition and maintaining partnership in the achievement of an environmentally responsible future.

COP30 in Brazil's Amazon

Brazil announced that COP30 will take place in Belém, state of Pará, between November 10 and 21, 2025. Notably, this marks the first time Amazon will host the Conference of the Parties (COP) to the UNFCCC.

Minister Marina Silva, head of the Brazilian delegation, underscored the Amazon's significance in the fight against climate change. She emphasized the region's vast biodiversity and expansive territory threatened by climate change. Holding COP30 in the heart of the Amazon serves as a poignant reminder of the responsibility to adhere to the 1.5°C target and highlights the interconnected challenges and solutions embedded in the Rio Conventions.

Both host announcements reflect a global commitment to addressing climate change, with nations strategically positioned to lead discussions and actions in the critical years ahead.

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