Air Canada flight delayed for 6 hours as a passenger fell from the cabin door

In a highly unusual incident, an Air Canada flight destined for Dubai experienced an unexpected delay of nearly six hours.

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The disruption occurred when a passenger opened a cabin door and fell approximately 20 feet to the tarmac while the aircraft was stationed at the gate.

Emergency Response to a Startling Event

Local authorities in Canada swiftly responded to a distress call around 9 p.m. last Monday, detailing that a man had taken the drastic step of "opening an aircraft door and falling out onto the tarmac while the aircraft was at the gate and boarding." Fortunately, the individual sustained only minor injuries from the fall and was expeditiously transported to a nearby hospital for medical attention.

Investigating a State of Crisis

As investigations unfolded, it was revealed that the passenger was in a "state of crisis" during the incident. Law enforcement subsequently apprehended the individual, shedding light on the unusual circumstances surrounding the event.

Airport Authorities and Airline Collaboration

Toronto Pearson International Airport's spokesperson reported that the airport was alerted to the incident on Monday evening. Collaborating closely with Air Canada, airport authorities worked diligently to "support and determine the immediate needs" arising from this unprecedented situation.

Air Canada's Response

While Air Canada did not provide an immediate response to media inquiries, the airline did inform Global News Canada that the incident transpired as the Boeing 777 aircraft, designated as flight AC056, was preparing for takeoff at Toronto Pearson International Airport. The passenger, who initially boarded the flight without incident, deviated from the normal course of action, moving to the opposite side of the aircraft to open a cabin door. Emergency services and authorities promptly arrived to assist the man, as indicated in Air Canada's statement to Global News.

This bizarre event raises questions about passenger safety protocols and the unforeseen challenges that can unfold, even on the ground, before a flight takes off.

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