ZATCA reveals the deadline for Saudi taxpayers to submit returns

Saudi Arabia's Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority (ZATCA) has issued a reminder to taxpayers across the nation, stressing the importance of promptly submitting their tax returns to avoid potential fines.

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With the deadline for filing tax returns for January and February set for March 15, ZATCA is specifically urging entities engaged in transactions involving goods subject to the Excise Tax Law to ensure compliance.

Failure to meet the deadline could result in a 5 percent fine for unpaid taxes, with additional penalties accumulating every 30 days thereafter. To evade these fines, taxpayers are encouraged to utilise the authority's website for the seamless submission of their returns.

Moreover, ZATCA has taken steps to facilitate communication and provide guidance to businesses seeking clarification on the Excise Tax Law. They have made various channels available for inquiries, including phone, email, and online platforms, ensuring that taxpayers have access to the necessary assistance.

The Excise Tax Law imposes taxes at different rates on products that are determined to have a negative impact on the environment or public health. Soft drinks, energy drinks, sweetened beverages, tobacco products, and their derivatives are among the goods covered by this tax plan.

For businesses seeking assistance or clarification on the Excise Tax Law, ZATCA has made the following contact information available:

Ensuring the timely submission of tax returns and seeking guidance when needed are imperative for taxpayers to maintain compliance with tax regulations and avoid potential penalties.

Moreover, ZATCA's reminder underscores the importance of adhering to tax obligations, particularly for entities involved in transactions subject to the Excise Tax Law. Compliance not only ensures the smooth operation of businesses within the legal framework but also contributes positively to the nation's economy. Therefore, taxpayers are encouraged to act promptly to fulfil their tax responsibilities and avoid any penalties associated with non-compliance.

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