Saudi Arabia: Ministry of Interior warns Absher users about scam messages

The Ministry of Interior in Saudi Arabia has issued a warning to users of the Absher electronic platform, alerting them to the presence of scam messages and fraudsters within the Kingdom.

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Absher, the electronic platform, underscored the critical need for users, including citizens and residents, to exercise caution and refrain from responding to any messages or communications that claim to offer services.

Emphasizing the potential risks associated with such deceptive messages, Absher advised users against sharing any personal data with entities or individuals. This cautionary measure is aimed at protecting users' privacy and preventing them from exposing themselves to potential legal accountability within the jurisdiction of Saudi Arabia.

The platform further highlighted the importance of avoiding visits to and logins on unsafe websites. In order to enhance security, Absher recommended using only official accounts and accessing the platform through the authorized website,, or its official application available on recognized app stores. Users were encouraged to change their passwords through the official Absher website or via self-service devices to add an extra layer of protection, particularly when changing passwords on mobile devices.

This warning serves as a proactive step by the Ministry of Interior to shield users from falling victim to scams and fraudulent activities targeting the Absher electronic platform. By raising awareness about potential risks and emphasizing secure practices, the Ministry aims to empower users to navigate the digital landscape with confidence, ensuring the integrity of their personal information within the established legal framework of Saudi Arabia.

The cautionary message reflects the government's commitment to the cybersecurity of its citizens and residents, recognizing the evolving threats in the digital sphere. It underscores the significance of individual responsibility in maintaining a secure online presence and aligns with broader efforts to create a safe and trustworthy digital environment for all users of the Absher platform in Saudi Arabia.

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