Saudi Arabia introduces a digital platform for gender balance monitoring

In Riyadh, the National Observatory for Gender Balance Indicators' beta electronic platform was unveiled by the Saudi Institute of Public Administration (IPA).

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In line with the fifth Sustainable Development Goal of the Goals for Gender Equality in the Workplace, this launch on Wednesday represented a significant step towards assessing local and global indicators within the field of gender balance.

In his presentation at the LEAP Tech Conference 2024 in Riyadh, IPA Director General Bandar Al-Sajan provided further details about the platform's comprehensive analysis of more than 85 indicators of gender parity sourced from both domestic and foreign sources. Al-Sajan gave details on the rigorous process used, which included advice from more than 400 experts and stakeholders, both domestically and abroad, as well as lessons from eighteen worldwide models.

Al-Sajan emphasised the platform's role in fulfilling IPA's strategy to synchronise with the objectives and initiatives outlined in Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030, particularly in technology and digital transformation. He highlighted the platform's significance in assisting decision-makers in promoting gender equality in work environments and addressing existing disparities.

Identifying existing barriers and gaps while providing gender-disaggregated data allows the platform to provide insights into potential remedies. All genders will benefit from increased productivity and better workplace dynamics as a result of this strategy, which attempts to create an egalitarian atmosphere.

Simultaneously, with an emphasis on technology-related fields, the Institute of Public Administration and Oracle Systems Limited in Saudi Arabia signed a memorandum of agreement. This partnership is an attempt to support each other's efforts in the digital transformation space and is a calculated move to advance the advancement of administrative and financial systems. Dr. Yasser Hawsawi, IPA's Deputy Director General for Shared Services, and Reham Al-Mousa, General Manager of Oracle, formalised the pact.

This groundbreaking initiative underscores Saudi Arabia's commitment to advancing gender equality and leveraging technology to drive societal progress. By harnessing innovative solutions and fostering strategic partnerships, the Kingdom aims to create a more inclusive and balanced workforce, aligning with its broader vision of sustainable development and prosperity.

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