Saudi Arabia declares the suspension of 6 transport and food apps for violations

The Saudi Transport General Authority (TGS) has recently taken stern action by suspending the operations of two passenger transport applications and four food delivery applications.

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These measures were implemented due to the apps' failure to comply with established rules and regulations. The authority's decision comes as a response to the apps' violations and underscores its commitment to ensuring a safe and optimal consumer experience within the Kingdom.

The suspended applications were found to be conducting business activities without obtaining the necessary licenses, prompting the TGS to take punitive measures. This move reflects the authority's dedication to upholding regulatory standards and safeguarding consumer interests. By cracking down on non-compliant apps, the TGS aims to reinforce the importance of adherence to regulations in the transportation and food delivery sectors.

In its ongoing supervisory role, the TGS has pledged to enforce compliance with regulations across all applications. The overarching goal is to foster a transportation environment that is both safe and efficient, thereby protecting consumer rights within the Kingdom. Emphasizing the importance of engaging exclusively with licensed applications, the authority seeks to ensure that consumers receive reliable and secure services.

Furthermore, the TGS is actively encouraging consumers to report any observations or grievances related to passenger transportation and delivery applications. Reports can be submitted via the unified hotline at 19929 or through the dedicated customer care account on the X platform, @tga_care. By soliciting feedback from consumers, the TGS aims to address concerns promptly and effectively.

The TGS reiterates its unwavering dedication to improving service quality and safeguarding consumers. The authority works to improve standards in the transportation industry by enforcing regulations and collaborating with stakeholders, which in turn increases consumer happiness and confidence.

The suspension of these applications underscores the TGS's proactive stance in ensuring compliance with regulations and promoting a safe and reliable consumer experience in Saudi Arabia.

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