Saudi Arabia announces first Dubai flight to Red Sea Resorts

The revolutionary tourism projects The Red Sea and AMAALA, developed by Red Sea Global, have announced the opening of an air link from Dubai to their resorts in Saudi Arabia.

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International flights to the region will commence with a twice-weekly flight operated by flydubai from Dubai International Airport (DXB) to Red Sea International Airport (RSI). Prior to this, Saudia offered only domestic routes.

Red Sea Global CEO John Pagano emphasized the strategic importance of this initiative, pointing out that RSI is positioned to host one million visitors annually at full capacity, all within a three-hour flight of 250 million people. He underlined how important the first flight six months ago was to Saudi Arabia's ambition to become a top travel destination worldwide and expressed excitement about receiving guests from the United Arab Emirates, the larger Middle East, and other countries.

Red Sea International Airport was built specifically to make it easier to get to the resorts around the Red Sea. There are currently two hotels open for business: St. Regis Red Sea Resort and Six Senses Southern Dunes. Three more hotels will be added to the development this year, including the Ritz-Carlton Reserve Nujuma, which will make its premiere in the upcoming weeks.

Building on the groundwork established by the domestic flights that began operating in September of last year, Red Sea International Airport's Chief Commercial Officer, Michael White, emphasized the importance of foreign travel to the airport's growth trajectory. Plans for the airport's carbon neutrality and ecologically friendly building techniques are still top priorities, as is a dedication to providing outstanding service to travelers and airlines. The first airline to provide direct flights from the United Arab Emirates to a destination in Saudi Arabia on the Red Sea, Flydubai's Sudhir Sreedharan, emphasized the airline's innovative contribution in this regard. This action is a reflection of FlyDubai's commitment to using Dubai's aviation hub to improve connectivity and link underdeveloped markets.

All things considered, the beginning of international flights to Red Sea resorts represents a critical turning point in the growth of the tourism industry in the area, offering enhanced connection and accessibility for visitors from a variety of geographic locations.

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