Saudi Arabia announces a new achievement in the "War on Drugs" campaign

According to Public Security Director Lt. Gen. Muhammad Al-Bassami, Saudi Arabia's "War on Drugs" campaign has resulted in notable drug seizures.

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In addition to 76 million amphetamine tablets, 22000 kilograms of hashish, 174 kilograms of cocaine, 900,000 kilograms of qat, and 12 million illegal narcotic pills, the seizure included approximately 1500 kilograms of methamphetamine, also known as shabu in its raw form.

The trafficking of 129 million amphetamine tablets and 75 kg of shabu was stopped by security forces in transit nations last year, preventing the drugs' entry into other countries, according to Maj. Gen. Muhammad Al-Qarni, Director General of Narcotics Control. He emphasized that people between the ages of 20 and 40 account for the majority of drug misuse cases (75%), whereas cases involving younger people (8%) and females account for less than 1% of all incidents.

Al-Qarni emphasized the role of the Narcotics Control Directorate's electronic investigation unit in monitoring social media reports. A cautionary message was disseminated to parents, urging vigilance against the enticements of drug traffickers. Regarding penalties, Al-Qarni clarified that drug users voluntarily seeking treatment at rehabilitation centers can have legal charges waived. Treatment is conducted confidentially.

Testimonies from drug abuse victims shed light on the dire consequences of addiction, including rape, educational abandonment, and familial estrangement. An interview on the "Rotana Khalijiya" channel featured a victim recounting her descent into addiction, initially mistaking shabo for shisha and subsequently falling prey to exploitation by her boyfriend. In another segment, a distressed mother, "Umm Anwar," recounted her daughter's ordeal. Initially ensnared by a man named Saud, who introduced her to drugs, the daughter's life spiraled into chaos, marked by rape and severe mental deterioration.

These narratives underscore the multifaceted impact of drug abuse, extending beyond individual suffering to encompass familial and societal repercussions. Efforts to combat drug trafficking and support rehabilitation remain pivotal in addressing this pervasive issue.

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