Saudi Arabia and Canada Renew Commercial Relations After a 5-Year Hiatus

The public declaration of the resurgence of economic cooperation between Saudi Arabia and Canada by the Federation of Saudi Chambers signifies the beginning of trade and industry events between the two countries.

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This momentous event comes after a five-year break during which trade delegations, missions, and the Joint Business Council were suspended.

Memorandum of Understanding for the Saudi-Canadian Business Council

Hassan Al-Huwaizi, the head of the federation, declared the endorsement of a memorandum of understanding to establish the Saudi-Canadian Business Council. This deliberate step aligns seamlessly with the broader initiative to enhance relations between Saudi Arabia and Canada.

Diplomatic discussions in Riyadh

Al-Huwaizi conducted a meeting in Riyadh with Jeffrey Steiner, the Chairman of the Canadian-Saudi Business Council, and Jean-Philippe Lento, the Canadian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia. Plans to improve trade volume, promote investment exchanges, and strengthen economic ties between the two countries were the main topics of discussion.

Objectives of the Saudi-Canadian Business Council

The goal of the recently founded Saudi-Canadian Business Council is to give businesspeople from both nations a forum. Promoting company endeavors, forging corporate alliances, looking into fresh opportunities for economic collaboration, and assisting continued communication between their specialized industries are some of its main responsibilities. The council will also coordinate conferences and fairs, host business delegation visits, and exchange information about markets and possibilities.

Trade Growth and an Optimistic Future

Saudi Arabia and Canada's trade volume increased significantly, rising to SR16 billion in 2022 at an 8.3 percent annual growth rate. With the goal of fostering and bolstering trade and investment partnerships, the memorandum of agreement is considered a positive beginning. Its numerous initiatives are intended to strengthen the business communities in both countries and take advantage of the enormous potential present in the economies of Canada and Saudi Arabia.

This renewed collaboration opens doors for expanded economic ties, providing a foundation for mutual growth and cooperation between Saudi Arabia and Canada. The establishment of the Saudi-Canadian Business Council marks a positive stride towards fostering enduring relations.

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