Kuwait refutes Sahel app hack, cautions against online scams for citizens

The Kuwaiti government has disputed reports of a compromised government app and encouraged its citizens to keep using the Sahel app and the official government websites.

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Kuwait has refuted claims of a government app breach, assuring the public that the Sahel application and official government websites remain secure. The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI) dismissed reports of hacking affecting citizens and residents, attributing the situation to "phishing." This form of cyber threat involves fraudulent websites mimicking official government platforms, aiming to deceive users into disclosing private information and making unauthorized payments through unofficial links.

To combat this threat, the MOCI has conducted various awareness campaigns, cautioning individuals about the risks associated with phishing and the importance of safeguarding sensitive information online. The ministry clarified that the recent incident did not constitute a hack but was a result of deceptive practices by fraudulent websites.

Highlighting the significance of trust in official government sources, the MOCI urged the public to rely only on legitimate government websites and the Sahel application. The Sahel app plays a crucial role in Kuwait's digital infrastructure, offering services and information to citizens and residents.

In acknowledging the collaborative efforts of the Ministry of Interior and the Communication and Information Technology Regulatory Authority (CITRA), the MOCI praised their joint actions in identifying and blocking fraudulent websites. This cooperation aims to protect users in Kuwait from falling victim to phishing schemes, reinforcing the government's commitment to cybersecurity and online safety.

The denial of a hacking incident serves to reassure the Kuwaiti population, emphasizing the government's dedication to maintaining the integrity of its digital platforms and ensuring the security of user data.

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