Kuwait International Airport announces a remarkable surge in 2023, recording over 15.6 million passengers

In 2023, Kuwait International Airport experienced a significant surge in passenger traffic, handling a total of 15,616,800 passengers.

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The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) reported this notable increase, highlighting the airport's robust growth in both passenger numbers and flight operations. Acting Director-General Emad Al Jalawi provided insights into the airport's performance, revealing a substantial 26% increase in passenger traffic and a noteworthy 23% rise in the number of flights.

The statistics indicate a dynamic and thriving aviation environment at Kuwait International Airport, showcasing its increasing significance as a key hub for air travel. The boost in both passenger numbers and flight operations reflects the airport's commitment to facilitating seamless connectivity and contributing to the region's aviation landscape.

Breaking down the passenger data for the year, Al Jalawi specified that arrivals at the airport reached 7,932,222, while departures accounted for 7,684,578. These figures highlight the balanced movement of travelers through the airport, with both arrivals and departures contributing to the overall growth.

The operational aspect of the airport also experienced a substantial boost, with the total number of flights operating to and from Kuwait International Airport reaching 128,584 in 2023. This represents a significant increase from the 104,147 flights recorded in the previous year, underscoring the airport's increased role as a hub for air travel.

In addition to passenger traffic and flight operations, air shipping also demonstrated growth, increasing by three percent compared to the previous year. The continued expansion across various aviation metrics reinforces Kuwait International Airport's position as a vital player in the aviation sector, contributing to the overall connectivity and economic vitality of the region.

Emphasizing the cargo traffic, Al Jalawi shared that the total cargo volume handled in 2023 amounted to 210 million kilograms. This included 170 million kilograms of inbound cargo and 40.3 million kilograms of outbound cargo, signifying a substantial flow of goods through the airport. The cargo statistics further highlight the airport's multifaceted role in supporting both passenger and cargo transportation, contributing to the overall success of Kuwait's aviation industry.

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