Kuwait Declares Two Extended Weekend Holidays for the Year 2024

Local media sites have reported that Kuwait has formally announced the dates of two long weekend holidays.

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Kuwait's Upcoming Extended Weekends in February 2024

Kuwait has recently disclosed the dates for two extended weekends in February 2024, creating anticipation and excitement among residents. The official announcement reveals the confirmed dates for the holidays of Isra and Mi’raj, National Day, and Liberation Day. These holidays are strategically placed, resulting in two prolonged weekends during the month.

Isra and Mi’raj Holiday:

On Thursday, February 8, there will be a public holiday for Isra and Mi'raj, according to the sources. Given that the Kuwaiti population normally enjoys a three-day weekend from February 8th to the 10th, this arrangement provides them with that luxury. Once again, on Sunday, February 11, the typical workweek will start.

National Day and Liberation Day Holidays:

The report outlines that National Day and Liberation Day holidays are set for Sunday, February 25, and Monday, February 26. With these holidays falling in line with the weekend, Kuwait residents can look forward to a generous four-day weekend, spanning from Friday, February 23, to Monday, February 26. The return to the normal work routine is expected on Tuesday.

Previous Announcements:

This recent announcement follows Kuwait's prior declaration of public holidays on Sunday, December 31, and Monday, January 1, marking the advent of the New Year. The decision was made during a weekly cabinet meeting presided over by Prime Minister Sheikh Ahmad Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, aligning with a notice issued by the Civil Service Commission.

These scheduled extended weekends offer residents valuable opportunities for leisure, travel, and celebration, contributing to the festive spirit of the nation during these significant occasions in February 2024. The thoughtful arrangement of these holidays allows individuals and families to plan and enjoy quality time together, fostering a sense of unity and community spirit in Kuwait.

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