Kuwait announces April 4th Public Holiday for National Assembly Elections

Kuwait's forthcoming National Assembly elections have prompted the declaration of a public holiday this week, according to reports from the state-run news agency KUNA.

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The decision, announced after the cabinet's weekly session at Bayan Palace under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Dr. Mohammad Sabah Al Salem Al Sabah, designates Thursday as a day off across the country.

In adherence to Decree 29/2024, Thursday has been designated as a day of reprieve to facilitate the electoral process, urging citizens to participate in selecting their representatives to the National Assembly. This move underscores the significance of democratic engagement and underscores the government's commitment to fostering a participatory political environment.

The cabinet's decision encompasses the closure of all ministries, government offices, and public institutions on April 4th, ensuring that employees and citizens alike have the opportunity to exercise their voting rights without disruption. By suspending regular operations, the government aims to prioritize the electoral process and facilitate widespread participation.

Furthermore, recognizing the diverse nature of responsibilities within special authorities, the cabinet has delegated the discretion to determine their holiday schedules in coordination with relevant departments. This flexibility aims to ensure that essential services are maintained while accommodating the needs of the public during this period of civic duty.

The announcement of a public holiday reflects Kuwait's commitment to democratic principles and the importance of civic engagement. By providing citizens with the time and opportunity to participate in the electoral process, the government demonstrates its dedication to upholding the democratic values upon which the nation is built. This decision not only underscores the significance of the upcoming elections but also serves as a testament to Kuwait's ongoing efforts to strengthen its democratic institutions and promote active citizenship.

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