Home Centre Reveals New Ramadan Collection and Campaign

Home Centre, a leading retailer of furniture and home decor in the Middle East, North Africa, and the Indian subcontinent, has introduced five fresh collections inspired by Ramadan. These collections aim to help households in the region create new memories during the sacred month.

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The five curated collections—Desert Elegance, Faris, Sama, Noura, and Kashida for Home Center—showcase distinctive textures, fabrics, and patterns influenced by the region's rich heritage. This allows customers to express their individual style at home during Ramadan.

The Desert Elegance collection embodies the enchanting essence of the desert and classic mid-century design. It incorporates organic shapes, bold patterns, earthy tones, and striking silhouettes to bring the natural beauty of the region indoors, creating warm and inviting living and dining spaces.

The opulent Faris collection, which draws inspiration from the iconic Arabian horse, combines opulent marbles and shimmering metallics to make a striking yet sophisticated statement.

At the heart of the Sama collection lie energy and creativity, with fluid shapes and ripple effects used to craft sophisticated signature pieces that enhance any space. The collection features flowing lines, gold accents, and sumptuous velvets for a premium and organic aesthetic.

Drawing inspiration from modern mashrabiya architecture and structured origami designs, the Noura collection incorporates soft, contemporary neutral colors and textures to evoke a sense of tranquility and serenity.

Lastly, the collaboration with Kashida Design, titled Kashida for Home Center, introduces artistic Kufic script and calligraphy to wall art, furniture, dining sets, and more. This exclusive partnership with the UAE-based design house adds cultural richness to the collection.

Overall, Home Center's Ramadan-inspired collections offer a diverse range of options for customers to enhance their homes and create a special atmosphere during the holy month.

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