WhatsApp launches new self-destructive voice messages for added privacy

A new self-destruct capability for audio communications has been introduced by WhatsApp, which deletes the message automatically after one replay.

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This is the most recent update to WhatsApp's View Once function, which was first launched in 2021 for media files.

Enhanced Privacy with Self-Destructive Voice Messages

Meta-owned WhatsApp shared the news of this new service on its blog, emphasising that the self-destructive voice messages will bring an extra layer of privacy to users' conversations. The feature is designed to offer users peace of mind when sharing sensitive information through voice messages, such as reading out credit card details or planning surprises.

Global Rollout of View Once Voice Messages

In the near future, the View Once function for voice messages will be available worldwide. WhatsApp made sure that these messages could only be played once by clearly labelling them with the "one-time" emblem. Showing the platform's dedication to continued privacy innovation, WhatsApp uses default end-to-end encryption for audio chats, just like other personal messaging.

Message Expiry and Future Developments

Once received, users have a 14-day window to open the voice message, after which it will expire in the chat. WhatsApp is also working on an additional feature that would enable voice messages to be converted into text for users who are unable to listen to them.

This move aligns with WhatsApp's dedication to providing users with secure and privacy-focused communication options. The introduction of self-destructive voice messages is another step towards offering users greater control over their shared content and ensuring that sensitive information remains protected within the platform's secure framework.

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