Apple Ceases Sales of Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 Amid Patent Dispute

Apple, the tech giant, has decided to discontinue sales of two of its smartwatch models, the Ninth Series and the Ultra 2, in the United States.

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This move is a response to an ongoing dispute concerning intellectual property rights, particularly related to blood oxygen measurement sensor units.

Sales Halt and Repair Services Discontinued

As of three o'clock on Thursday evening (US time), the latest Apple smartwatch models are no longer available for purchase on the company's website. The decision to cease sales and repair services for these models will officially take effect soon. The discontinuation also means that Apple will no longer be able to repair smartwatches of both models once they are out of the warranty period.

Ban Imposed by the US International Trade Commission

The US International Trade Commission has played a pivotal role in this development by imposing a ban on the sale of the latest Apple Watch. The commission argued that Apple had violated intellectual property rights associated with blood oxygen measurement sensor units owned by Massimo Corp., based in California.

Impact on Sales Channels and Availability

Apple had previously announced that it would stop selling these two smartwatch models in its retail stores in the United States, starting on December 24. Sales through electronic platforms in the US were halted before the official ban date, allowing previously sold watches to be shipped. However, despite the discontinuation, these watches will still be available for purchase through Apple's international online platform and private stores.

Shift in Product Offerings and Customer Implications

The decision to discontinue these smartwatch models marks a significant development in Apple's product offerings. Customers in the United States will be impacted by the ban on sales and repair services for the Ninth Series and Ultra 2 models. Despite these challenges, Apple's international online platform and private stores will continue to serve customers seeking these specific smartwatch models.

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