Saudi Arabia announces the launch of EVIQ fast-chargers for electric vehicles in Riyadh

An important milestone in the development of Saudi Arabia's electric vehicle infrastructure has been reached with the inauguration of the country's first fast-charging station for electric vehicles in Riyadh.

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This facility was put up by the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Company (EVIQ).

Fast-Charging Station in Riyadh

Two high-voltage rapid chargers, each with an impressive capacity over 100 KW, are available at the recently operational EVIQ fast-charging station in Riyadh. Electric vehicle (EV) users in the area now have an efficient and easily accessible option thanks to this cutting-edge technology, which allows for the simultaneous charging of up to four EVs.

Vision for the Future

Mohammad Baker Gazzaz, the CEO of EVIQ, conveyed the company's ambitious commitment to expand its infrastructure significantly. The goal is to deploy over 5,000 fast chargers across 1,000 locations throughout Saudi Arabia by the year 2030. This strategic vision aligns with the Kingdom's broader initiatives to embrace sustainable and eco-friendly transportation solutions.

EVIQ's collaborative efforts

EVIQ is a collaborative venture between the Public Investment Fund (PIF) and the Kingdom's Electricity Company (SEC). The company is dedicated to introducing cutting-edge electric vehicle charging technology, with a focus on ensuring widespread availability and accessibility. This aligns with Saudi Arabia's broader commitment to promoting clean energy and reducing its carbon footprint.

Promoting Electric Vehicle Adoption

As the electric vehicle market continues to grow globally, Saudi Arabia is actively investing in the necessary infrastructure to support this sustainable mode of transportation. The introduction of fast-charging stations is a critical component of encouraging more individuals to adopt electric vehicles by addressing concerns related to charging accessibility and time.

The road ahead With the successful launch of its initial fast-charging station, EVIQ is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of electric mobility in Saudi Arabia. The strategic placement of charging stations across the country will contribute to the development of a robust electric vehicle ecosystem, fostering the widespread adoption of clean and energy-efficient transportation.

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